Live 3D light tracking for broadcast 


Cm accurate and low latency realtime tracking to control 3D light for stage performers for Talpa production company for live shows of 'the voice of holland' 2018 series. Using UWB and mocap (motion capture) for spot on tracking of moving artists on stage.

OpenRTLS production increase


RTLS production capacity increased to 350.000 tags/month to serve growing UWB demand. Samsung Techwin latest Excen Pro 64 head SMT pick&place machines deliver the speed and accuracy to handle tiny 0,35mm pitched BGA parts. The SMT line is the only dual lane production line in The Netherlands. 
Next production doubling of capacity is expected in Q4 2018

World record: Crowd control

1 update/sec for 2 million


RTLS stack allows for a per second level position update for well over 2 million tags at one single location. Changes in crowd movement like running is detected in less then a second.

World record: Sub 1 cm accuracy


To serve SAE TIR J2954 projects openRTLS ALE (advanced location engine) enables sub cm 1SD accuracy at 100ms latency. 

World first: Portable UWB analyser


Tags with MIP display show all anchor signals with all relevant RF details of every selected anchor. A practical tool to check system performance on any location.

100% reliability for smart factories


openRTLS does full processing and RLTS management in hardware. That means no external server software required to deploy a system. Benefit from a full metal hardware solution is the capability to analyze signal integrity and signal strength on the fly for all measurements. Thus providing garanteed location accuracy to track industrial robots and tools for todays smart factories.

World first: OpenRTLS first angle of arrival anchor


openRTLS first to enable angle of arrival anchor with dual and triple UWB transceivers for outdoor and indoor use in IP67 enclosure

OpenRTLS and partners reach 150th UWB field installations


Design for flexibility and performance allowed partners and openRTLS to deploy UWB in a very wide variety of applications from asset and live stock tracking to submarine personnel safety. Also heads off to the decawave chip design team for a superb work of art.

OpenRTLS first to increase linkbudget over 110dB


Using the latest special RF electronics openRTLS increased the effective measurement range by 20%. Linkbudget is a metric to calculate the range indoor. The attenuation of the signal for a brick wall is for example 6 to 10dB. This number is then substracted from the linkbudget

OpenRTLS first UWB provider sub 2.25 euro/m2


openRTLS first to break 2.25 euro/sqm barrier with UWB

Industrial grade sub 1 dm accurate realtime location system for under 2.25 euro/sqm for infrastructure cost: anchors, masters and antenna's (installation , deployment test, API <> client software integration and tags are seperate costs) . The horn antennas provide the range and directivity to focus RTLS infrastructure at 10 meter above ground to tags inside trucks 200 meter away.

OpenRTLS production increase

RTLS partner OpenController (The Netherlands) increased RTLS production capacity to 100.000 modules/month to serve growing UWB demand. 
Samsung Techwin latest  Decan F2 SMT pick&place machine delivers the speed and accuracy to handle tiny 0,4mm pitched BGA parts. The SMT line is the first dual lane production line in The Netherlands. 
Next production doubling of capacity is expected in Q4 2016.

OpenRTLS starter kit available


Real Time Location System (RTLS) Starter Kit has been developed to allow customers to assess and test the benefits of RTLS applications based on the DW1000 ScenSor IC and AT86RF233 ranging engine.

The first UWB analyzer


To analyse network traffic and perfomance openRTLS launches today the first UWB analyzer. Connected to PC via USB or ethernet.