UWB technology enables high resolution indoor real time tracking and positioning for RTLS-solutions.


  • Significantly improved patient care
  • Increases in efficiency
  • Reductions in operating costs


The tracking and location of pallets, packages and items in warehousing and logistics applications leading to: 

  • Reductions in wait time
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Improved customer service


The tracking and visibility of people, leading to:

  • higher level of security and safety
  • reduction in operating costs
  • improved authorization
  • biometric security

Asset Management

  • The tracking of Inventory, Work in Progress and Finished Goods in manufacturing environments
  • The tracking of which components have been assembled to other components
  • The monitoring of tool movements to ensure manufacturing sequences are carried out in the correct order.

Agriculture / life stock

  • Improvements in animal health and yield
  • Reduction in operating costs

Army / Emergency personnel

  • Training of military personnel
  • Evidence handling
  • Playback of a situation