OpenRTLS offers the RTLS Starter Kit for easy install and evaluation of the RTLS technology. Off the shelf anchors and tags deliver a complete RTLS system, operational right out of the box. Design a custom tag using the 'RTLS Tag Development Kit', or have one designed and manufactured by a partner in the openRTLS group. The RTLS anchors allow for custom tags working on TOF (time of flight) and have a custom information payload of max 96Byte. All required functions are provided by anchors. 

In short, OpenRTLS works out of the box and has auto-calibration function. Purchase the RTLS infrastructure once, add more anchors to extend the covered area and deploy as many tags as needed. Custom-tags are supported on the same infrastructure. The dataconnection to IT systems is provided by the anchor connected to Ethernet and based on a industry standard API (application interface). More info on the documentation 

All prices include standard firmware. No annual software license fee apply to standard firmware. All prices mentioned are ex VAT.