NeYo Anchor

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Key benefits for next generation smart building

  • Fast installation time. Re-using existing mains power wallsocket/outlets
  • Person tracking using long range radar
  • Completely invisible for users/visitors
  • Infinite wireless scalable for large buildings. Worldwide allowed
  • Operates outside congested wifi bands
  • Decawave UWB Radio, 3-7GHz, IEEE 802.15.4a
  • Firmware upgrade over the air (AES security, unique ID)
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Indoor localisation < 20cm accuracy*.
Typical indoor range in commercial buildings for openRTLS UWB equipment is 30m at 6.8MBps by using special electronics to increase sensitivity and selectivity of the radio transceiver. 

Radio signals travel through walls enabling a true
3D tracking environment of the whole building. The ultrawideband radio guarantees a reliable connection as a data backhaul for bi-directional secured communication. UWB operates outside the WiFi bands using worldwide allowed unoccupied frequencies. Network connectivity to all IoT devices via openHAB.

NeYo anchor provides true smart building.
Proving all smart building functions for its users in
commercial and residential buildings.

  • For users, tag localisation helps retrieving valued objects.
  • Presence detection and tracking of persons via the build in long range radar. Providing input for 24/7 security services and building automation. Users can override building automation decisions by means of voice commands.
  • A healthy environment for occupants is save guarded by 3-way measurement of air quality (eCO2,temperature,humidity)
*Accuracy range from sub cm accurate in line of sight condition in calibrated environment to few decimeter accuracy in standard commercial building environment with brick or concrete walls