Unemo display tag

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  • Compliant with UWB PHY IEEE 802.15.4a
  • Decawave UWB Radio, 3-7GHz
  • Driven by Ultra Low Power ARM M4F
  • Battery included 750mAh
  • Configuration RTLS Manager (html 5)
  • Firmware upgrade over the air (secured)
  • Motion Sensors Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer (LSM9DS1)
  • Pressure (LPS25H), 
  • Temperature Humidity (HTS221)
Optional : LNA / PA (+10 euro)



​*depends on RF Profile settings, can be significantly prolonged with the movement detection feature. Standard battery is 600mAh


A tag is an active mobile locator. Its position is
reported within selected refresh rate. Tracked
objects need to be equipped with this device.

Tag is powered from an integrated Li-ion battery
and configurable through RTLS Manager web
interface or via USB Terminal. Li-ion Tag is
equipped with DecaWave radio module with an
integrated stripline antenna. It supports six
channels and three communication speeds
850/6800 kbit/s. 
The Tag also features an accelerometer for movement detection in order to prolong battery lifetime. The tag is further extended with a magnetometer and gyroscope for both orientation (roll, yaw, pitch) detection and raw data streaming.